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All Natural Surface Cleaner. FOR KITCHEN: DEGREASER, ODOR NEUTRALIZER. May be used in cleaning pots and pans, stainless kitchen work areas to wash away stubborn oil and unwanted odor remnants from cooking, and certain food. May be used to clean stainless kitchen items, utensils, sink, food preparation areas. Naturally disinfects and degreases, neutralizes odors for chopping boards and other kitchen items used for food preparation. FOR GENERAL USE: may be used to clean bathrooms, bathroom sinks, water closets. FOR PLAY AREAS: may be used for disinfecting toys, play areas, dilute with water as needed. FOR PERSONAL ITEMS: may be used to gently yet efficiently clean personal items like gadgets, tablets, phones. * For Gadgets, we strongly suggest that you spray on your choice of cleaning cloth and wipe on area you wish to clean and disinfect. may also be used to clean and disinfect make up brushes, sponges by spraying after washing in soapy water. FOR EXERCISE EQUIPMENT: Gently and efficiently cleans Indoor and Outdoor Bikes, Exercise Mats, exercise gym equipment and accessories. FOR PET AREAS: Great for neutralizing odors in litterboxes, pet cages, and general pet areas.

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