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Function/Feature: Pea Design Snuffling Pet Toy 1. Multiple snuffling areas : With multiple pockets inside the pea shell and pea balls for hiding treats of foods 2. IQ Training : this pea is closed with adhesive closure , your dog is trained to open this pea by himself to reach the treats or foods. 3. Have Fun : with squeakers inside each pea ball to increase fun for your dog to chew or play with . 4. Pea Balls : 3 pea balls are connected with closure to the shell , your dog can pull out the pea balls and enjoy chewing or playing with . 5. This toy is made of fleece fabric , soft and eco friendly for your pet chewing toy too 6. With squeaker inside each pea ball, increase fun for your dog 7. Pet expert says : 10 mins snuffle = 1 hour running 8. Release Extra energy and keep your pet calm down