Celebrate this Easter season with our Candy Corner DIY Party Kit! Enjoy a fun EASTER EGG HUNT at home plus a fun DIY activity for the kids to create Easter Bunny Paper Dolls!

This set comes with:

Easter DIY Paper Bunny Dolls Sheets and Guide
– 3 sets of paper Bunny cut-outs (3 bunnies per set)
– 9 pcs Assorted Jelly Belly Pyramid Bags for Bunny cut-outs
– 1 DIY Easter Bunny Paper Doll How-To Guide (Plus a digital video guide that you can follow step-by-step)

Easter Egg Hunt at Home
– 18 pcs Plastic Easter Eggs
– 1 Easter Egg Hunt Guide
– 1 Candy Corner Tote Bag
– 18 pcs of Candy Corner Treats like:
100g Fini Giant Gummy Bears
80g Fini Gummy Lips
80g Fini Gummy Hearts
80g Fini Strawberry Kisses
80g Fini Gummy Teeth
80g Fini Sour Watermelon Slices
80g Fini Bananas
80g Fini Sour Apple Belts
80g Fini Sour Cola Belts
80g Fini Fizzy Rings
80g Chocoballs in Shimmer Gold
80g Chocoballs in Shimmer Princess Mix
80g Micro Jawbreakers
80g Milk Chocolate Maltballs
80g Chocolate covered Sunflower Seeds
80g Gummy Oranges Slices
5pcs Fini Fantasy Roller Extra Sour Sour Belt
3pcs Original Gourmet Lollipops
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