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Rewards Closure Notice


Welcome to the CommonThread Club!

Join now to earn points with every purchase* made at CommonThread.
* minimum purchase of PHP 500 to start earning points
Sign up with just your mobile number
Earn 2% cashback in the form of points for every minimum purchase worth PHP 500.00 in a single-receipt transaction
Enjoy 10% discount on your birth month
1 Point = 1 Peso
Get access to exclusive promos and discounts

Shop. Get Rewarded. Repeat.

CommonThread Club
Rewards Program Complete Mechanics
What can I get out of the CommonThread Club?
Members of the CommonThread Club are entitled to the following benefits:
  • 2% Cashback Rewards
      • For every P500.00 purchase in a single-receipt transaction, members will earn a 2% cashback reward to their points. 
        • P500 is equivalent to 10 points and P10 cashback
      • Each point earned is equivalent to P1.00 cashback. 
        • Example: You spent P1,000 worth in a single-receipt transaction. You’ll get 20 points, which leads to P20 cashback
      • No minimum points are required to get cashback.
  • Birthday Discount
      • CommonThread Club members get to enjoy a Birthday discount of 10% off on their birth month! 
      • The discount can only be used annually on the member’s birth month.
      • Upon claiming the birthday discount, the member will be required to present a valid ID and provide his mobile number for verification purposes. 
      • The discount is applicable to regular-priced items only, and is not valid in conjunction with other promos or discounts, such as the redemption of points.
    How do I join the CommonThread Club? 
    You can join by asking any of our staff members who will assist you in registering your mobile number.


    How do I earn points in the CommonThread Club? 
    A member will start earning points for every minimum purchase worth PHP 500.00 in a single-receipt transaction.
    • Transactions worth PHP 0-499.00 will not be qualified to earn points (non-cumulative).
    • Points can be earned on select brands and merchandise, whether Regular, Discounted or Marked-down CommonThread items including Purchase-with-Purchase (PWP) items worth PHP 500 and above.
    Where can I earn/redeem my points? 
    You can earn and redeem points in the following participating stores:
    • CommonThread Rockwell
    • CommonThread Greenbelt 5
    Do my points expire?
    Your points will not expire, unless the program is terminated by the brand.


    Can I earn points when exchanging, or returning items?
    Yes, you can. 


    Exchanged Items
    When you exchange items, please bear in mind the following: 
    • When you get an item of lower, or the same value as the item returned/exchanged, you’ll be getting the same number of points.
    • When you get an item of higher value as the item returned/exchanged, the difference of transaction value should be PHP500 and above to earn points. 
    Returned Items
    For items returned, points will be added back to your account once an incident report is filed. 


    How do I redeem points?
    Members may redeem points during every visit with purchase in CommonThread Rockwell and CommonThread Greenbelt 5. 
    • Points can only be redeemed for transactions worth PHP 500.00 and above and cannot be used on discounted or marked-down items.
    • A maximum of 500 points may be redeemed per transaction only.
    Once the member chooses to redeem his/her points, all his points will automatically be used for the current transaction.
    • Example: A member has 200 points and wants to redeem this in his/her transaction worth PHP 1,000. The member cannot choose to redeem only 100 points for the transaction, as CommonThread will automatically use the full 200 points during the redemption. Upon using the points, the member will only pay PHP800.00.
    Can I refund the points I redeemed? 
    Once the points have been redeemed, the member may not refund the points, even for items returned/exchanged. 


    How do the points I redeemed affect the items I returned/exchanged?
    Points are earned on the initial purchase. No additional points will be given for the same value and lower value of the item exchanged. 


    Exchanged Items
    For items of the same transactional value, it will follow the same transaction value as the initial purchase, since the same number of points redeemed will be applied to the item exchanged.
    • Example: 
      • Points = P100
      • Product SRP = P1,000
      • Transaction Value = P900
    For items of lower transactional value, any leftover points redeemed from the initial purchase will be forfeited. 


    For items of higher transactional value, no additional points can be redeemed since full redemption was already made per initial purchase. 
    • Members will have to pay for any additional value, and additional points will be earned for any additional transaction value worth PHP500 and above.
    Returned Items
    For item returns, the points redeemed will be added back to your account once an incident report is filed. 


    For any further concerns, you may reach out to us at