CommonThread shares an unspoken story of how everything you own is an extension of who you are. Each person’s unique sense of style, personal preferences – from the pieces she chooses to how she wears them – tells of a personal tale that binds her to a universal desire to express her story through fashion.

CommonThread cultivates these individual style stories by offering hand-picked collections of the essentials. We believe that style should be effortless, vibrant, creative and most of all, personal.

More than Just a Style

CommonThread is more than just style. With the evolution of today’s fashion, style has moved from more than one’s look but also of how she lives out her lifestyle.

CommonThread does not only represent function but also reflect a lifestyle hinged on a cool, confident attitude.

Offering a bevy of classic pieces and varying accessories, CommonThread advocates a fun and carefree lifestyle, featuring up-and-coming and undiscovered labels from all over the world as well as heritage brands such as Havaianas from Brazil.

Our Aim

CommonThread stands for being authentic and effortless and recognizes that each individual has her own personal style, her own story, her own lifestyle. But underneath it all we are bound by the common desire to express ourselves through fashion, where every piece has a story, a purpose and a place in our wardrobe.

Our aim is for CommonThread to be a multi-brand lifestyle store where customers can come in knowing they will discover well-selected pieces that fit their lifestyle and are not easily found elsewhere.


2nd Floor, Power Plant Mall
Contact: +632-83638672 / +63917-5840700

2nd Floor, Greenbelt 5
Contact: +632-79509643 / +63917-5528781

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