Candy Corner Angel Instant Dry Yeast


Ingredients: Yeast, sorbitan monostearate
Application: it is used for dough with 0-7% sugar in the recipes.
Functional Features:
1. It is suitable for breads and pastry with low sugar content, especially for the low sugar and sugar free European breads;
2. It has high fermentation activity and strong fermentation endurance, which can effectively shorten the fermentation time;
3. It makes the bread with good expansion in the oven; it makes the product in uniform color, in large size, and with good taste.
Dosage: 0.8-1.2% of the flour
Usage: mix even the dry yeast with flour and other ingredients, and then add in water and stir.
Note: Avoid directly mixing the yeast with oil, salt and ice; add oil only after all the other ingredients added and mixed even. Adjust the dough's temperature between 26-28

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Candy Corner Angel Instant Dry Yeast
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